Barbara Kühhas, Ph.D.

My work is inspired by the vision to contribute to a world of tolerance and justice, where diversity and gender equality are embraced, and equal opportunities and human rights are a reality for all.

My basic attitude as consultant and social anthropologist is respect for the individuality and uniqueness of the other. Based on a human rights-based approach, I understand the person as an individual agent, and capture the surrounding structures and the system in its totality.

Based upon this, I elaborate analysis, solutions and tailor-made trainings or programs, in order to make the best use of the diversity of an organization or an enterprise; and to express it in effective projects or programs. This, in turn, strengthens equal opportunities and success for all; and ensures fulfilment of due diligence regulations in the field of equal treatment law.

I can draw upon twenty-five years of working experience as social anthropologist and gender expert in a wide variety of countries; as well as on solid further certifications in European and Austrian equal treatment law, as certified gender auditor, and also outdoor trainer. 

My key-competencies are participatory empiric social research in the field (e.g. gender and diversity analysis, evaluations, etc), tailored trainings and awareness raising activities for international non-profit organizations and multilateral international organizations, gender mainstreaming and diversity management in the project cycle, the human rights based approach, facilitation of workshops, as well as gender & diversity policy analysis and advise.


Study of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna (Ph.D.), and scholarship in Mexico City.

Further Certificates

  • Diversity – Equality: Management of Diversity, Faculty of Law, Institute of Social- and Labour Law, University of Vienna
  • Participatory Gender Audit Facilitator, International Labour Organization (ITC-ILO, Turino)
  • Outdoor trainer (Low Elements), Austria
  • EU Sector Program and Country Program Evaluator – Training TrainEval, Brussels
  • NEEDS (Network of Europeans for Electoral and Democracy Support),
  • Human Rights Protection and Promotion & International Civilian Peace-Keeping and Peace-Building Training,
    Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Stadtschlaining

Work Experience

  • since April 2014: Independent Consultant and Trainer for Gender Mainstreaming and Diversity Management
  • 2015-2017: Long term consultant for gender mainstreaming, women´s empowerment and engaging men for gender equality for the Austrian Development Agency (ADA)
  • 2008-2014 Senior Gender Advisor CARE (International humanitarian organization)
  • 2005-2008 Program Coordinator Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights
  • 2003-2005 Long Term Election Observer, European Commission
  • 2002-2003 Press Officer, Kulturpark Eisenstraße
  • 1998-2002 Program Manager CARE (Eastern Europe, Central America)
  • 1995-1997 United Nations Peace Keeping Mission, Guatemala
  • 1993-1994 World Conference on Human Rights, Autonomous Austrian Shelter Houses, Vienna
  • 1987-1995: honorary cooperator for the Association of endangered Peoples (Indigenous Peoples Rights)

International Experience

  • Born and raised in Austria,
  • Over eight years of field experience
    Central America: Mexico (three years), Guatemala (two years), Nicaragua,
  • Short term assignments (two weeks to five months):Venezuela, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Uganda, Burundi, Nepal, Indonesia, South Sudan
  • Conferences and Meetings: Copenhagen, Oslo, Ginevra, Brussels, México City, Atlanta, Bratislava, London, San Salvador, Vienna, Chennai (India) ,…..

Key Competencies

  • Advisor for Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming for International Non-Governmental Organizations, multilateral international Organizations, and Private Enterprises

  • Trainer and Facilitator

  • Certified Gender Audito

  • Experienced team leader in Participatory empirical social research

  • Project and Program Design, and Project Cycle Management

  • Project and Program Evaluation in development cooperation and emergency response

  • Policy analysis and advise in gender and diversity topics

Working Languages

  • German (mother tongue),
  • English,
  • Spanish
  • and basic French

Publications (selected)

  • Barbara Kühhas, Renate Korber: Field Guide for Participatory Development of Psycho-Social Wellbeing Indicators for IOM South Sudan, December 2017
  • Kühhas, Barbara: SABAL: Sustainable Action for Resilience and Food Security, Gender Equity & Social Inclusion Analysis. Kathmandu February 2016.
  • Austrian Development Cooperation (Kühhas, Barbara and Christina Stummer): Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. Policy for implementing the EU Gender Action Plan II in Austria´s International Development Cooperation (2016 – 2020), November 2017.
  • Austrian Development Cooperation (Kühhas, Barbara): Briefing Note: Gender in Humanitarian Response – draft guidance on adaptation of ADCs emergency response to EU DG ECHO: Gender-Age Marker Toolkit. Vienna, August 2017.
  • Learn4Dev Gender Experts Group (Kühhas, Magri, Stummer and Ravesloot): Report on Joint Learning Journey on Gender, Migration and Development, 30 and 31 May 2017, Vienna.
  • Barbara Kühhas, Bharati Silawal-Giri, Tom Barton: SAKCHAM and Women Empowerment in Nepal. Stories and strategies – lessons and guidelines. Toolkit: Step up for Gender equality in conflict affected areas. For: CARE Nepal and CARE Austria, 28th August 2016.
  • Kühhas, Barbara: Gender Equity and Diversity Audit Report of CARE International in EGPYT, June 2016.
    Kühhas, Barbara: Gender Equity and Diversity Audit Report of CARE International in JORDAN, June 2016.
    Kühhas, Barbara: Gender Equity and Diversity Audit Report of CARE International in YEMEN, June 2016.
    Kühhas, Barbara: Gender Equity and Diversity Audit Report of CARE International in West Bank & Gaza, June 2016.
    Kühhas, Barbara: Gender Equity and Diversity Audit Report of CARE Middle East & North Africa Regional Management Unit; June 2016.
    Korber, Renate and Barbara Kühhas: Gender Equity and Diversity Audit Report of CARE International in Turkey; June 2016
    Korber, Renate and Barbara Kühhas: Gender Equity and Diversity Audit Report of CARE International in Caucasus; June 2016.
  • Kühhas, Barbara: EU Gender Action Plan II (2016-2020), GENDER ANALYSIS ON SECTOR LEVEL, April 2016.
    Barbara Kühhas, Jodi Keyserling and Walter Fordham: CARE USA Gender and Diversity Audit, Atlanta 2014.
  • Kühhas und Muigg: IV. Österreichische Polizistinnen und Polizisten im Auslandseinsatz – Umfeldanalyse inkl. Genderstandpunkte. In: BM.I, Sicherheitsakademie (Hg.) Auslandseinsätze der Polizei Eine Studie des Bundesministeriums für Inneres, Wien 2010.
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    Bode und Kühhas: Underlying Causes of Poverty Analysis (Northern Uganda), Gulu 2009.
  • UNDP (Ed): Toolkit on how to integrate a Human Rights Based Approach and Gender Mainstreaming in Local Governance (Kühhas, Barbara, Lukas Karin and Ruiz, Elena) 2006
  • Das Herz der Erde. In: Stumpf, Sova, Bürstmayr und Milborn (Hg): Guatemala, ein Land auf der Suche nach dem Frieden, Wien 2003.
  • Kühhas, Barbara: Die indigenen Frauen Guatemalas. Vom Bürgerkrieg zum Friedensprozess – der Kampf um politische Partizipation. Wien 2000.