Violence in the world of work: Training with ILO in Turin 19.-23.11.2018

published on 08/25/2018

Violence in the world of work is a threat to the dignity, security, health and well-being of everyone. It has an impact not only on workers and employers, but also on their families, communities, economies and society as a whole.

In the course of this training, experts will share innovative initiatives, instruments and strategies to tackle and respond to this issue at policy and workplace level. Questions addressed in the course will include:

•            What is “violence” in the world of work?

•            What are the rights-based and business cases for tackling violence in the world of work?

•            What is “gender-based violence”?

•            What are the root causes? What are the risk factors for both victims as well as perpetrators of such violence?

•            What strategies, good practices and practical tools exist to address this problem within the workplace and beyond?

A limited number of partial fellowships is still available for nationals from developing countries. Institutions enrolling more than two participants in the course might be eligible for a discount on the tuition fee from the third participant onwards.

Application deadline: 19th October 2018

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