Gender and Diversity Audit – Eights Countries of Middle East (CARE MENA)

published on 03/28/2018

Lead Consultant of an eight Country Gender and Diversity Audit:


  • The scope of this audit included 8 country offices (Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, West Bank & Gaza, Caucasus, Yemen and Lebanon) and the CARE MENA RMU office based in Jordan.
  • Review the overall methodology of the GED Audit developed by the CARE team and provide expert advice.
  • Finalize the questionnaire for the staff survey and launch this online survey using Survey Monkey or an alternative easily accessible online tool. This survey will be launched across 6 or 8 country offices and the MENA RMU.
  • Produce an analytical report of the survey results for each country office and the RMU
  • Conduct a desk review of the actual policies, strategies and guidance documents of country offices. a) Programmes: planning and design, implementation, technical experience, monitoring and evaluation, advocacy, communications and partnerships; b) Institutional Policy & Practice: GED workforce data, policies and strategies, capacity building, culture and human resources.
  • Produce the final report including the above data analysis, incorporating findings from the focus group discussions conducted by the CARE team and specific recommendations.