Global mobilization for the Land Rights Now Campaign – October 2018

published on 07/23/2018

Dear Land Rights Now supporters,

We are writing with exciting news – we would like you to join us for the next global mobilization for the Land Rights Now campaign. This time, it will coincide with the United Nations’ World Food Day in October 2018 and allow us to build bridges to farming communities, chefs, urban eaters, food movements, and more!

The global mobilization is an opportunity for all of us together to demonstrate the crucial importance of indigenous and community land rights, and the strength and vibrancy of the movement to secure these rights. And this year we’ll make the link to land rights and something we all love and depend on – FOOD! From 15-26 October, around World Food Day, we ask as many people and organizations as possible to join the movement and the Global Mobilization for food security and land rights.

How can you join?
World Food Day itself is on 16 October. However, we invite you to organize mobilizations from 15-26 October – so that we can maximize media coverage around that date.

As an organization, collaboration, or any organized group of people, you can join the Land Rights Now Global Mobilization by organizing something big or small in the week around World Food Day. We will support your activities, provide you with a campaign tool package, communication materials, and guidelines; and we will connect you to our network of people and organizations around the globe.

Activities could be anything ranging from a flash-mob to community dinners/dinner table discussions with indigenous chefs; marches; events in schools; dinners between parliamentarians and Indigenous Peoples; markets with traditional foods; events with chefs cooking indigenous foods; to and celebrity endorsements. In short, we’re looking for anything that you think will strengthen your networks and create awareness domestically toward securing strong land rights policies and practices.

Last year, we mobilized around Earth Day, which resulted in an amazing amount of incredible 36 Land Rights Now activities in over 25 countries. This year, we hope to have even more. Please let us know if you are interested or planning an activity this year. Click here for more information

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