Call for Endorsement: Declaration on IMF austerity policies!!

published on 10/16/2019

This is a call for your endorsement by

Red Latinoamericana por Justicia Económica y Social LATINDADD

The recent case of Ecuador, but also the serious context that Argentina and Haiti are living, as a result of the social and economic impacts caused by IMF`s austerity policies, are of very high concern. We believe it is time to present a CSO declaration at the IMF and WB annual meetings in Washington, given the role of the IMF has in these cases.  Please reply to as soon as possible to deliver and disseminate it during this week.

You also find the declaration in Spanish and English (just 1 page to read!). Thanks in advance!

Click here: cso-declaration-on-imf-october-2019

Call is coming from- Email:, Tel: 591-70154005

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